Quick and Easy Custom Blog Part 2: Using Views to Make Lists

Part two in building your own blog using Drupal's custom content types. This is Drupal 101 and a great place to start for new drupalers (watch part one first). In the two part series we are basically looking at putting all the small parts of building a Drupal site into the goal of building one function (a blog). Once you are able to do this, you will have the skills to build all kinds of different custom content types, which opens up a lot of doors with Drupal.

In part two we cover:

Quick and Easy Custom Blog Part 1: Introduction to Working with Content Types

Lets face it. Drupal's built in blog leaves quite a bit to be desired. Luckily with drupal however, it is not to hard to setup your own blog using custom content types.

In this two part tutorial we look at putting a few different skins together for our own customized blog

If you are new to Drupal and have not yet built a custom content type before, this is the tutorial for you. If you don't know how to build custom content types, you are missing out on one of the greatest parts of using Drupal.

In this video tutorial we look at:

Quick Cache Clearing Using the Administration Module

You can quickly clear your cache by using the administration menu module available on Drupal.org. The administration menu remains one of my key top installed modules on every drupal site I build or manage. Not only does it improve upon (and replace) the default drupal 7 toolbar, but it also adds some extra functions. It selectively clears the cache, runs the update script, cron and more directly from the menu bar to save you time.

The Very First Module to Install - Backup & Migrate Video Tutorial

In all the rush to get building our amazing websites, sometimes we forget the very first module that we should install. Backup and Migrate. This is probably THE most essential drupal module (next to maybe views). I know I know, that is a bold statement. However, with drupal site building becoming even more fast paced and the entry into the field easier, it is important to backup often.

Drupal Website Launch Checklist

3C Web Service has given us a nice gift this week; a drupal website launch checklist. It is quite comprehensive and great place to start for getting ready to launch your drupal 7 website (or maybe go back and close a few holes you maybe missed). This is a great reminder to turn on your caching!.

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